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Simple, secure transmission of prescriptions via QR code

The E-PRESCRIPTION is the electronic form of the doctor’s prescription. It was developed jointly by the professional associations pharmaSuisse (pharmacies) and FMH (doctors) in order to create a uniform solution throughout Switzerland.

How does the E-PRESCRIPTION work?

The E-PRESCRIPTION consists of a QR code, similar to the new payment slip. This QR code contains all the information about your prescription and a signature that confirms the authenticity of the prescription.

Reliable and secure

You can rest assured that the prescription will be read correctly by the pharmacy. No more illegible doctor’s handwriting, queries or errors!

Strictly confidential

The QR code contains all the information the pharmacy needs to dispense medication. E-PRESCRIPTION does not store any patient data in a central database.

Practical to use

You can save the prescription, print it or send it by email – it’s up to you.

Ideal for online doctor’s consultations

You will receive your prescription quickly and easily by email following an online doctor’s consultation.

Have medication delivered to your home

Your doctor can send the E-PRESCRIPTION directly to a mail-order pharmacy if you wish. You will then receive the prescribed medication in the mail.

How do I redeem an E-PRESCRIPTION?

You will receive the E-PRESCRIPTION by email following an online doctor’s consultation. You can print it out, forward it by email or save it on your smartphone.

The aim of the project is to enable e-prescriptions to be redeemed in any pharmacy in Switzerland. Simply show the QR code, either as a paper printout or on your mobile phone.
Use the pharmacy finder to find pharmacies that already accept the e-prescription. 

If you wish, your doctor can also send the E-PRESCRIPTION directly to a pharmacy.

How secure is the E-PRESCRIPTION?

The QR code is forgery-proof and cannot be manipulated. It is provided with technical copy protection. The pharmacy checks the authenticity of the QR code using a special signature.

The FMH is also working with the Swiss pharmacists’ association pharmaSuisse and other partners to develop a forgery-proof e-prescription solution that is compatible with the electronic patient record (EPR) and should create significant added value for patients, doctors and pharmacists.

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