20 years of Medi24 – heading into the future with a new brand image and a new CEO

Under the management of the newly appointed CEO, Lebrecht Gerber, Medi24 has had a makeover right in time for its 20th anniversary. The revamped brand image has a fresh look and shows what Medi24 has stood for over the past 20 years and what it will continue to stand for in the future: The new logo symbolises the cross-channel and interactive commu-nication between patients and Medi24. Whatever the communication channel, patients and their well-being are always the top priority.

In the late 1990s, the founders of Medi24 were quick to spot a change in patient needs and to respond to this with an innovative service: Since 1999, patients have been able to consult Medi24 by phone about symptoms and medical queries, giving them access to expert advice for their medical issues – at any time or place and in four languages (German, French, Italian and English). Since its conception 20 years ago, Medi24 has already successfully conducted 4.5 million telephone consultations.

Access to care – the patient is the focus

Sound medical advice has been just a phone call away for 20 years now thanks to Medi24. Whether patients are at work, at home or in a hotel abroad, they can directly and conveniently access the Medi24 service wherever they are and at any time. The doctors and the specialist medical advisors at Medi24 support patients around the clock. Patient well-being is always the top priority, which has a positive impact on the high satisfaction rate of 93.4 per cent with 360,000 consultations (survey year: 2017).

With the status of a Swiss medical practice, Medi24 is a professional point of contact for medical and health concerns. If the patient presents the relevant health symptoms, Medi24 recommends and prescribes medication or refers the patient to a suitable doctor or hospital where necessary. Patients are cared for by a member of a 120-person crossdiscipline team, all members of which have many years of professional clinical experience. The proven expertise of the specialist staff is supplemented with computer-assisted medical triage software, allowing Medi24 to deliver its services with a high output capacity and at a consistently high quality around the clock.

Challenges in medicine call for innovative solutions

The Swiss health system is facing the challenge of sustainably regulating the continuously increasing costs without compromising the quality of health care. It is therefore essential to make primary medical care costefficient – and telemedicine has been successfully used in Switzerland for 20 years now as one of the ways of achieving this. This combination of medical expertise and new communication technology has brought about an innovative service which has contributed little by little to a paradigm shift in Swiss health care in recent years. Nowadays, one in every two cases handled by Medi24 can be fully resolved to the complete satisfaction of the patients. This significantly reduces the number of physical treatments, brings about cost savings and counteracts any possible treatment bottlenecks in a targeted way.

Looking into the future

In the future of telemedicine, the use of new, digital communication channels and the integration of software which helps diagnose patients and provide them with advice using artificial intelligence (AI) will play a decisive role. Issues such as data protection and data security are also key factors that need to be taken into account.

“In the immediate future, Medi24 will make more investments in innovative solutions so that we are able to provide even more extensive and efficient medical consultancy services,” says Lebrecht Gerber, CEO of Medi24. “Irrespective of these developments, however, Medi24 will continue to put the patient at the top of our priorities and at the heart of all we do. Technology and process innovations will be used in a targeted way and will complement the existing range of services.”

Lebrecht Gerber has been the CEO of Medi24 since April 2019, before which he was responsible for the company’s operational business for five years as the COO. He therefore has a wealth of knowledge and experience in telemedicine and the tools needed to lead Medi24 into a successful future.

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